1st day back on my bicycle March 2013

18 Apr



still attempting to get better about this stuff

23 Nov

I have yet to get the pictures off my camera as mentioned in my previous blog entry. As I sit here at the library typing all of this up the day before ThanksVegan Day it dawns on me how much stuff I truly need to do. I start so much stuff but I need to continue to work on those projects or I will just have a bunch of little projects going on all over the place and none ever fully getting finished. I am running out of time today as the library is near closing and as I am trying my best to type this up my mother keeps texting me. Which is truly not a bad thing infact I enjoy talking with my mother most of the time!! My favourite thing about technology is I am able to talk with people much more easily and throughout the world no matter the distances betweeen us. Ironically though I sometimes find it difficult to talk to people in person. I have had a friend or two mention it in the past about me being extremely quiet when we hang out. That especially occurs if I am in a group of people. Just a little quirk I am attempting to remedy.

This month I was trying to do NaNoWriMo again but I took a day or two off and got so far behind. I have not fully given up yet but I am certainly behind. Perhaps I will just use the structure of NaNoWriMo as a way for me to force myself into writing something. It is after all a very good practice to do.

Oogie blogger

6 Sep

Hello and welcome to my bloggie blog. I am Gregory and part of this has come about due to my time spent volunteering for the Vida Vegan Con It was a great experience to be among so many vegans and vegan bloggers too. I have been wanting to get back to blogging for some time now and even thought of going back to my beginning on lj or live journal for those who came after. I spent a lot of time being a lonely vegan even living so close to the Mecca that is PDX. I have no rational answer to the insanity of that decision but am entirely grateful I was able to find a way into the vegan community that was so close I could taste it. Volunteering for the Vida Vegan Con was one of the best experiences I have had. Being there with that many vegans was by and far the most amazing feeling. To be surrounded by so many people who felt basically the same as me about animals and their suffering and probably points of life in general felt great.

At each and every meal I attended I was so grateful and
exuberantly impressed with my fellow table diners. We were
able to jump in and start talking about anything and
everything. Everyone’s opinion was heard and openly accepted
as a great part of the discussion. I was amazed how easily I was finding it to be social, which is not my strong suit, my
table mates made it so great. Making me feel extremely
welcome and my thoughts and opinions appreciated. As I
glanced around I was probably the most hirsute person
throughout the conference but that did not matter.

All the people I met kept asking, little ole me, if I had a blog or anything. I explained not at the moment but I wished to get back into it. I even sat down and had lunch with Terry Hope Romero, not realizing that’s who she was at first, telling her a story
of how I met Isa Chandra Moskowitz at the Chilinic last year
a week before vegfest. I am sure though that Isa doesn’t
remember me. I made cornbread muffins with vegan hotdogs in the middle. Alas, I digress! I also met a twitter friend, Veganbeer, whom I’ve been wishing to meet for sometime. there were a plethora of people whom I wished to meet as well but I did not recognize them. I was more concerned at
the moment of figuring out where I was going to be volunteering and what my role was going to be.

On Saturday, after eating a terrific lunch via Vida Vegan Con, I sat an
digested a bit while taking the scope of everything in. I then, headed out on my bike to go up to the NE side of town to begin my work helping with the Galarama. I got there roughly 20 mins early. It was really a lot of fun
setting up. Unpacking boxes, saving packing peanuts for Food Fight! also setting up, my soon to be assigned position, vegan ice cream bar. The other volunteers I got to work with were really amazing and so was working under the leadership of one of the whole conventions co-founders Jess Scone. After everyone got there and after eating dinner I began my help as assistant scooper to Luna and Larry’s Organic Coconut Bliss ice cream. This was not an extremely difficult job, though the chocolate was pretty frozen and not easy to scoop, but very rewarding. Serving up the vegan ice cream to all those smiling vegan bloggers made my heart all a flutter. Everyone in line was so cheerful, empathetic and patient with me I could’ve scooped for days.

I hope to get pictures up sometime. Currently I am without internet at home so have not put my photos on there.

Hello world!

16 Aug

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